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How To Unlock Android Pattern Without Gmail Right Password

How to unlock android pattern without Gmail in any mobile like Android or window phone’s trick many needs, We were sharing many methods for unlock mobile phone without knowing there Gmail account password or without knowing their gmail. recently we were also share on How to Open Unlock my password protected memory card, but pattern lock problem more from others,
Because people daily forgetting their patter and get rid on forget pattern without Gmail is not easy, You know now days this system is most using by peoples because its very easy to use and getting very little time to unlock, So most people are using a this lock system, but there is biggest issue for all which using pattern systems in their android or any other mobile phone. Let’s read more about this and get useful information for solving this problem.
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How can I open or Unlock Pattern Without Their Right Gmail?

You ever saw on the net or social sharing sites, The people sharing updates like I forget my mobile phone or Android phone’s right pattern and I don’t know their right working or suggested email or Gmail account, please tell me how to unlock my Android phone patter right now, These type messages and emails we also get, So today by sharing this article, we are replying to my all friends, That now you can unlock your Android phone’s pattern using our these below tricks.

How to Unlock Patter Using Gmail Account

Before sharing right method I wanna share something related method of this trick for knowledge, If you forget your pattern, then you can open it  using right emails password, First you must give a gmail account on your Android phone, What ever if you will forget their pattern them, your Android mobile will request you to feel right suggested email account and password. Just give that and remove it.

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How To Unlock Android Pattern Without Gmail Right Password

Now days people using many type Android phones, All are something different from their features. And All Android users also getting same problem means unlock problem, So today we are giving you all mobile or Android phones unlock patter method without their Gmail account.

How to Unlock Mobile after Too Many Pattern Attempts


Unlock any Mobile Phone’s  pattern 

Friends if are you using another type mobile phone, Which we are are not share on this article, Then just explore our blog because we were shared all latest and popular all Android mobile phones remove pattern methods, If you need any new tricks or method on remove from, any mobile without knowing their Gmail account, then, Just comment below or email us, We will trying to share your method in the next update, Finally thanks for visiting our mobile blog and keep it for more new latest updates of and Android mobile phones,

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  1. ravindra says:

    may huawei phone is pattern lock broblum please help me

  2. annamalai says:

    How to Unlock unlock patter method need for help Solutions for SONY XPERIA M (C1904

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