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How to Increase Android Mobile Phone Battery Life Double

Android Mobile Phone Battery Life every one wanna double, There are many tips and tricks to increase your Android mobile or smartphone battery for keeping charge for more long time,  But many don’t know know about how to increase mobile battery charge for a long time, Recently we share on How To Solve Whatsapp Adjust Date Error in Installation, Today we are talking about and phone battery.

If you  buy a mobile then you sure notice many things like there high mega pixels camera, their operating system, music, sound, display, ram, internal memory and expendable memory, But all things depend on your mobile phone’s battery if your android mobile battery is not good, then how you will use these features, So every one not battery life because it’s more important for all, You can increase your smart phone  battery double if you follow some tips, just read these tips and get ride battery low problems.

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How can Increase My Mobile Phones Battery Charge long Time

As you know that our blog always trying to share something useful and more usable tips and tricks of mobile phones, and you we also like to share our friends need tutorials, So many friends asking to that how can increase their Android phone or smart phone’s battery without no more changes,  So today we are giving you biggest yes for that, yes, you can save your Android phone’s batter more long time using our simple and easy tips which you can easily follow,  These are  tips completing demanding apps, software updates, prefer Wi- Fi, closing unwanted apps, notification and many other small things just follow and do it.

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How to Increase Android Mobile Phone Battery Life Double

Reduce Your Mobile Screen Brightness medium to Lower – This is the main factor for saving your battery charge, if you anytime, just enjoying with your mobile or you are on free time just passing with your phone, You know that high brightness taking more battery so go to in your mobile display setting and just reduce Brightness medium to lower.

The Push Notification – Notification is biggest issue for android phone users, Any time you are getting notification, which also taking battery charge so its not for better for your battery life, So Push off your notification, If you getting again and again notification for updates your software or apps than give some time to your all apps for updates because its also talking battery.

Turn Off Apps Properly Before close – This line most people don’t know, Most people are not sure about this, Actually, people not closing, their running apps properly, So in the background these apps are running properly and taking mobile battery,

Turn off Buetooth If not required – Many people don’t know that Bluetooth is taking more battery, Many people don’t care about that their phone’s Bluetooth off or on,  So if are you not using Bluetooth than just turn off it.

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Final words for Save your Smartphone Battery Life

Guy’s there are many extra tips and tricks for increase your battery life, Like turn off your device when network not available, You know when network is not available, then your android phone will search for network, then it will take the same amount of battery like a call, So always keep these tricks in your mind for save your android phone battery for long time. Finally, thanks for visit  our site and keep it for more tips and tricks and also working tutorials.

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