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How to You can Root Samsung galaxy s4 i9505 mobile Phone

How You can Root Your Samsung galaxy s4 i9505 mobile Phone, How to root Samsung galaxy s4 i9505, many Samsung galaxy s4 i9505 version user need,  After share Root My Samsung galaxy s3 i9300 and also best guide on  Root Samsung galaxy S2 Mobile Phone, today we are talikng about Samsung galaxy s4 i9505  phone,

Samsung is one of the most popular mobile company which every time releases awesome and amazing android devices that always came up with new and great features which force users to buy Samsung android devices like Samsung galaxy 2,  galaxy 3, Galaxy Note etc and many more other devices made by Samsung company.As we already said that Samsung is best mobile company so that numbers of its users are also increasing and people prefers  devices over apple devices because of various things. Last week we got a lot of requests from people to write about how to you can root Samsung galaxy s4 i9505 mobile phone easily.

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Important Tip For Samsung galaxy s4 i9505 Root

Finding a proper guide about Samsung galaxy device on the internet seems to be a really difficult task because there are thousands of guides available on the internet about these topics but only few of them works perfectly. So we researched upon the topic we are going to discussed in this guide and finally decided to write a detailed article about rooting Samsung galaxy s4 i9505 for this and android lovers.

Note: Before you are going to get started with this guide, you need to make sure that you are having the right device and model as described in this guide. If there is something happens bad to your device or causes any kind of damage, we will not be responsible for any damage. So make sure that you are following the right steps perfectly.

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Guide on how to root Samsung galaxy s4 i9505

Again we are saying that follow the guide carefully if you don’t want to face any issue with your device. Let’s get started with our main guide on rooting galaxy s4 i9505 mobile phone. Before getting started make sure you are fulfilling these requirements as well:
Your mobile phone battery is fully charged or above 80% charged. Before getting started with this guide, make sure that you have backed up all of your main device and personal data. Also backup your mobile EFS data.
Also do following things before following the below detailed
Enable USB debugging mode
This guide is only written for Samsung galaxy s4 i9505
Detailed Guide on How to Root  Galaxy S4 i9505
First of all you need to download android 4.4.2
for galaxy s4 i9505 device to your computer and extract it on your PC.
After that download ODIN
program on your computer.
Now you need to turn off your phone and again turn t on and

press power+home+volume  down keys until

you see some kind of text on your android screen, then press volume up key in order to continue.

You will need to open ODIN program in your computer and connect your device to your computer when your device is in download mode. Now if your phone is successfully connected to your computer, then ODIN port will turn yellow and also show up port number on screen. Then you need to click on PDA and select file with .md5 extension  and this file has biggest size. In ODIN program, you will need to check auto reboot and Factory reset options. Then you need to click on start button and wait for whole processor to complete. Once the above process is completed, reboot your device and it is successfully rooted.

Final Verdict about how to root Samsung galaxy s4 i9505

I hope you liked and enjoyed this guide about how to root Samsung galaxy s4 i9505 and Me sure it will useful for you,,  If you have any question then feel free to ask in comments section. Guys this step to step and also in easy word or language, We share supporting plugins links, If you have any questions which not cleared in this article, then just comment below. For more mobile tips, mobile phone root, and also all how to guide of Samsung s2, s3, s4 keep visit our blog.

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