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Top free New proxy server sites 2016 You might not know

New proxy server sites 2016 today we are sharing with you. Free proxies always seem to be useful when a particular website is blocked in your college, school, university, and region or by government etc. Sometimes it might happen that the website owner doesn’t want to allow visitors from specific region so he/she blocks those specific region users.

So in such cases, a best and working proxies seems to be always helpful. Interesting thing is that there is nothing difficult In using proxy sites as they seems to be much easier where you will need to enter the URL of your desired webpage or website that you want to access which is blocked in your region, school or college etc.

Proxy sites or sever similar Like VPN

Apart from this there is another method “VPN” through which you can get access to your desired blocked website, according to your country/region. Not all of them are free and if you are interested in spending few bucks for accessing blocked content, then it is the really great step to buying such VPN. You know using vpn we can enjoy free internet and also 3g gprs too.

As you know this is modern age and many proxy services are introduced and not all of them seem to be safe and much useful. Most of them contain malware and viruses and sometimes they steal the user’s private information/data as well. So for the online users it is really necessary to utilize the safe and best web proxy server sites so that they will not face any privacy issue when using them. Also don’t try to use those proxy sites that requires the login because such kind of websites are stealing users information these days.

If you are one of those people who are looking for top free best proxy server sites, then you are at right place. Because today in this article we are going to share about best proxy sites list that you will surely like and enjoy. So let’s get started:

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free New proxy server sites

What is a proxy server/site?

The proxy server mainly acts as the medium between client and destination server. The best thing is that not only it allows users to get access to blocked content but also users can surf the internet anonymously because it hides the original IP address of user and provides random IP when surfing the internet to get better privacy. It is the good idea to take a look at the benefits and disadvantages of free proxy servers so that you can have better knowledge about them and how they are useful.

Benefits of free proxy servers

As these proxy services are freely available which means you don’t need to spend any money and you can get access to blocked websites for free easily. If the proxy server is anonymous, then it is really great to utilize that for having better online privacy.

Disadvantages of free proxy servers

On the other hand when we take a look at the disadvantages of free proxy servers, the users faces several issues when using free proxy  page sites such as constant crash, low speed and there are many more others. Not all the proxy sites are anonymous and some proxy sites are not safe at all as they are only interested in stealing your information or data.

Top free New proxy server sites 2016 You might not know

I hope now you have got all the idea about what a proxy server is and what are the advantages and disadvantages of using free proxy server websites. It’s time now to check out the list of best free proxy server sites of 2016 mentioned below:

So this is the best list of proxy websites 2016 shared about and I hope you found it useful. If you have any suggestions regards proxy sites, feel free to ask in the comments section. There are many other sites which also providing like this, But if you need more then you can go with our article, Thanks for visit.

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