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Working Free GPRS 3G 2G Tricks for Airtel and Vodafone 2016

Working Free gprs trick for Airtel 2016 or working Free gprs trick for Vodafone 2016 or Airtel free gprs tricks for 2g and 3g or Vodafone free gprs trick for 3G and 2G, or for all free internet Tricks for Airtel and Vodafone tricks 2016 most user searching.

As you know that any company not providing free internet or gprs to their users, After share many article on no paid things like Free Photo Editing Apps and Get Free Recharge By Line Messaging App, Today we are sharing about something different method for get internet. As you know that now days internet is very expensive, and 2g is not more but 3g is really so expensive if you get net then, It will feel like dream. Let’s try our some easy tricks for get net on Airtel and Vodafone sim, You ca enjoy gprs with 2g and 3g both. Let’s do it.

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 Free GPRS 3G 2G Tricks for Airtel image phoro

Can I get Free 3G 2G Internet on My Airtel, Vodafone Mobile

As you know we always trying to share something related to mobile tips and tricks, And you know that free things is very popular every where in the world, and also in internet world its getting so popularity, Sound looking funny but most Indian always trying to get no paid things on internet, To be continue internet or  2g and 3g is most popular on net, Most people asking about I can get free Airtel gprs or Free Airtel 2g or 3g, also Vodafone user asking same thing that they can use  2G 3G on Vodafone,  Today we are replying by this article, yes you can use internet but in limited and not fixed. That it will work or not.

How to Get GPRS 3G  2G Internet on Airtel Mobile Phone

Airtel is one of most popular network provider company in India, Its most liked by people for their full and continue network, People also like its many new and old services, Their are big amount of Airtel gprs or 3g 2G user in India, If you also using this great network provider service and if you wanna use its internet, then just follow its setting for gprs.

Setting for Airtel For Free GPRS 3G  2G or Internet

Access point name (APN) :-
Homepage :-
Profile name: TechExtremity
port :- 80

Working Free GPRS 3G 2G Tricks for Airtel and Vodafone 2016

Vodafone is not a Indian network provider company, Its comes from Britain, I means to say that before, Hutch company buy by Vodafone. As you know if you will talk about India’s top network provider and best telecom company, then you must talk about Vodafone, If you wanna enjoy its GPRS 3G 2G services, Then just use below setting.

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 Free GPRS 3G 2G Tricks for Vodafone image phoro

Setting for Vodafone For Free GPRS 3G 2G or Internet

Homepage :
Proxy :
port 80

 – –  Or  – –

Account Name:
Access Point: portalnmms
Proxy: 5. Port: 9401

Airtel Vodafone Free GPRS 3G 2G Internet Tricks Working ?

Guys before you use these setting for get free GPRS 3G  2G on your Aitel mobile  phone or GPRS 3G  2G on your Vodafone mobile phone, I wanna inform you that these tricks we are added by popularity on net, We don’t know that these tricks work or not work, So use these type tricks with your responsibility, We are not responsible, about these type tricks, Finally i wanna say you, if you have any question about this then just feel fee and ask us by comment below, Thanks

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