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How to get Airtel free internet tricks 2016 with 3g 4g, hack

How to get Airtel free internet also Airtel 3g hack an many more about Airtel free internet tricks today we are sharing in this post. I approach with finest and 100% working with this deception you can employ gratis internet on this telecom. I experienced this trick in Delhi/NCR. You can also examination this trick and inform us.

There are some sites that are given that false Airtel free Internet tricks. Though, we will provide you Airtel free Internet tricks without review. You only require following the given steps in the below.

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airtel Free Intrenet tricks

Features of Airtel free Internet tricks 2016 (Airtel Tricks)

  • Works with Zero Balance
  • It will give 3G net.
  • Unlimited surfing in a day
  • Downloading is incomplete 100 Mb per day
  • Downloading speed 150Kb minimum
  • It will labour the whole thing like WhatsApp and Facebook hike and other net necessary apps.
  • Trouble-free to Connect

You can bookmark this web page of Airtel free internet tricks. We are giving you top Airtel free internet tricks. These Airtel Tricks are astonishing to make use of.

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airtel free internet tricks for all

How to use Airtel free Internet tricks (Airtel Tricks)

Some of the consumers don’t recognize how to utilize Airtel free internet tricks but don’t be anxious I am here to inform you from the beginner. With this Airtel free internet trick you can with no trouble use this airtel free internet. Also you can visit for good morning wallpaper for wish.

Download Droid VPN app from play store.

Step 1: Open it login there. If you don’t have the account there then Register or Signup in Droid VPN account.

Step 2: Click on setting icon.

Step 3: Tap on Connection Protocol then selects TCP option.

Step 4: Touch on HTTP headers. Enable it and type this on Custom http Headers and Then Press on Ok.

Step 5: Shut the Droid VPN app and unlock it again.

Step 6: Choose Netherland Server 6 which is Free.

Step 7: Attach and create sure that your balance is Zero.

Step 8: Take a benefit from Airtel free internet use.

Airtel Tricks 2016

Airtel free internet is the demanding trend in these days. Get Airtel free tricks with best working tricks 2016 by make use of this airtel free internet. Our moderator team have been developing working configuration folders since in a week for airtel users. This is the recent update of Airtel tricks 2016.

For Mobile Users:

  • You can take all the useful files in the mobile
  • Extract these files to the memory card.
  • Download and install some files in your mobile. Some files are Driodvpn
  • After that you will to insert the downloading files to open folder
  • Run the install files
  • You will get the connection directly
  • Then you can enjoy the Airtel free internet in the mobile phones

For Computer Users:

  • You can download and useful files on the PC
  • If you do not have any required files you install it immediately.
  • At present install the software in the PC
  • Then downloading the folders and navigate them into configuration files
  • Open that software
  • You can connect these files with that software.
  • If it is not worked in the first time then try for two or three time to connect.
  • Enjoy the Airtel free internet in the Computer.

Free Internet Tricks

Hello associates, here we shared a new post for Airtel free internet tricks topic. Airtel dongle is always an excellent alternative for consumers who adore reasonably priced internet offer with good speed. By using this trick you can get the airtel free internet in the simple way.

Trick 1

In this trick we can get the good amount of internet package for speed internet service. You can download the four apps and obtain internet data one gb totally free of charge! Just go to the link and fill your particular phone number. After that you can download the related applications on your mobile.

Trick 2

By using this you can obtain the different social networking sites for free internet data with by using the below steps. You can enjoy the Airtel free internet package.

Information about Trick

By using this trick you will get the five mb of internet date for social networking sites every day. It can get the maximum twenty five mb.

For watching Youtube videos you can get the hundred mb every day with limit of five hundred mb.

You can get this offer up to five times in a day after finishing the date package.

You can do every day the same process then will get same amount.

How to use this offer?

  • Fill the your airtel number on the given site
  • Then ok button.
  • At present you will obtain the current balance and balance of active internet data
  • You can open the new page in same browser
  • By make use of following links one by one to make use of these plans.
  • You can get the free social networking sites.
  • Come to first webpage and take information you can active the different packages for free.
  • You can use Airtel free internet simply.

Trick 3

So, here is fresh Airtel Trick of January 2016 to obtain 500 MB 3G data completely free of charge. Airtel free internet 2016 can follow the below steps.

  • Primary you can check your airtel connection using by your mobile sim card and go to the given links.
  • You can get another option contact page then you can enter all the required details like name, email id and etc.
  • After that you will provide the one time password then fill on the web page.
  • You click on the continue option for further purpose.
  • Then completion of process you will get the five hundred mb of 3g internet for active of seven days.
  • This is trick is applicable for only one time on the one sim card
  • By simply you can use the Airtel free internet

Trick 4

Free 500 MB for Gujarat & Maharashtra users

You can just dial *129# and choose third alternative of ‘well-liked pack’. Decide fourth alternative of internet pack and pick 98Rs (500 mb) plan. Press 1 and set it on auto renewal. Working only in Gujarat and Maharashtra circles you can effort it at low balance below 98 Rs. You can also make use of it manifold times for more information paybacks. Hurry up! It might discontinue working anytime. In these states we can use this trick it come benefit of Airtel free internet.

Trick 5

Here is the newest Airtel trick to obtain 2 gb of 3G data. Follow the steps provided in below

  • You will require Moto e primary gen android phone and 2 airtel sim cards.
  • If you are not having moto e then makes use of its build prop file (for superior users only).
  • So, I am pretentious that you are having a moto e mobile. Now add your initial airtel sim card in sim slot 1 and revolve on mobile data.
  • Stay this link and click on ‘make active one gb data for two months’ offer. You will obtain 500 MB of 3G data per month for two months.
  • Follow alike procedure with one more sim card and sim slot 2.
  • So, in sum you will obtain two gb data for two months using this trick.

Trick 6

Attempt with zero balance and without make active any data pack. We are not accountable for any injure!

  • Install droidvpn app from play store and click on “I trust this application”.
  • Now go to its settings and choose “connection protocol” alternative.
  • Decide TCP and click on HTTP headers.
  • Enter host and x-online-host as: and tap on connect button.
  • Enjoy 200 mb free internet on every day foundation.
  • Enjoy the Airtel free internet usage.

Airtel 3g Tricks

Airtel 3G Trick for Android Mobile

Here we are presenting the fresh topic about the fast internet connection 3G for android devices. This fresh trick is used on the better host and it’s working like in good way. You tried by using the lots of tricks for free airtel 3g internet but they did not attempt for you. For that reason, here we had given the airtel free internet for android devices for better use. By this trap you can make use of large amount of data without any problems.

So here you can get the free internet for 3G users on android devices from below steps. These vpn tricks are available in easy manner, but speed sometimes it slows the system by using these tricks.  So here I am listing the android phone 3G trick for airtel by these below steps you can produce employ of airtel free 3G for android smart phones. These tricks which are used in the better method to benefit from free internet in network.

Characteristics of Airtel free internet GPRS for android

  • 250 Mb every day
  • No Internet Pack essential
  • No cut off problems
  • Working in mainly States anywhere Tcp
  • No Sim obstruction concerns

Wants for Airtel free internet GPRS for android

  • You can have the airtel Sim with 3g and 4g support
  • You can have android mobile
  • It supports the useful app

Steps to make use of Airtel 3g for free download

  • First you can open the useful for free internet download of airtel
  • You can log on that app with your registration num or security code.
  • If they ask for any pop up boxes and click on that box and then press ok button.
  • After go to settings
  • Open the connection protocol
  • Then open TCP
  • Click on the suitable options if it useful like Driod VPN settings and HTTP headers.
  • You can enter the preferred HTTP headers
  • Press the ok button
  • Final click on the suitable button it completes the process in particular time
  • After the completion of process
  • Enjoy the Airtel free internet on the mobile phone.

Airtel 3G Hacks to Unlimited High Speed Internet Trick 2016

Airtel is the best mobile network in India with its network connectivity and services. Airtel 3G net is super fast but it is so costly. So here I will tell to you Airtel free internet tricks for 2016. Why you pay money you can run for free of charge. These are the tricks used for Airtel 3g tricks with no cost. And this network is working all most parts in the India. These are free Airtel free internet with proxies and vpn’s and is worked for all mobile users and computer users.

Here we posted the free internet 3G tricks for all mobile operators, and these free internet tricks are checked with 100% working. With this newest Airtel free internet tricks supports all browsers and applications.

Airtel Free Internet using Proxy server

Similarly Personal Computer can run free of charge Airtel free internet by using proxy or VPN. By using this trick you can run Airtel free internet on Android, iOS, Windows or Java and other operating systems.

Free Airtel internet Trick requirements

  • Airtel 3G activated sim
  • A small airtel 3g recharge
  • Airtel GPRS settings or Airtel APN
  • A 3G handset

Using Proxy Server

  • Run your Mozilla Firefox and go to the options
  • Now click on Advance tab and then Network Tab.
  • Now select manual connection settings and the add Airtel free internet proxy and port.
  • Save the setting and restart your browser.

Using Proxy

  • Initial go to the phone settings
  • Then open Network settings.
  • Now make a New setting or connection
  • Now fill the following particulars
  • Account name: Airtel free internet for 3G
  • Access Point:
  • Proxy address: use the proxy address from the list
  • Port: 80
  • Now save the settings and create it default.
  • Now run your browser and open the main page.
  • Now you can run the Airtel free internet 3G on your Airtel mobile.
  • Best free proxy sites list

Using VPN

This trick use for Smart phones only

  • First download the NMD VPN in your mobile.
  • You can download the Airtel free internet using VPN config file
  • Now install the VPN file in your mobile.
  • Now move your config file into your VPN file.
  • Run VPN app and connect the config file settings.

Precaution while using Airtel free internet Tricks

In some reasons your mobile operator may detect that you are Airtel free internet and may be it blocks you sim card. So to avoid Sim blockage, we want to take some precautions.

  • Do not make use of lots of data in sole gathering, if you need to utilise more than 500 mb you just reconnect and disconnect.
  • Don’t download the big files, as big files need plenty of data and section period. So download the little files.
  • Do recharge the little date packs every day to avoid detection.

Hope you are enjoying the Airtel free internet on Airtel sim. If you have not tried this Airtel trick, then go for it. Now you do not want to do Airtel free internet recharge on you it can run by free of charge. These all tricks are worked in all the states among India state. The trick works for both 3G and 4G network and give you speed internet for free of charge.


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